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3 reasons why Satan uses popular music to influence people; Podcast episode 28

by Mike on February 13, 2010

Lately we have heard a lot of rumors about popular music artists Jay-Z Beyonce and Rihanna being involved in Satanic worship. Especially with the new rihanna album and the fame lady gaga album. Play the episode below to hear today’s episode on this topic.

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According to Google there has been quite a stir in search listings for terms like:

  • Beyonce Satan
  • Jay-Z cult
  • Rihanna Occult
  • Beyonce satanic
  • Jay z in a cult

Because of the recent interest on this topic and the massive amount of Christians looking for answers; I have been motivated to provide some insight on the subject.As a Christian college ministry and student ministry I have personally seen how much music influences our day to day lives. Well of course I can’t confirm whether or not any of these artists are involved in the occult but I do know that Satan has used popular figures to influence people for generations. Heavy metal and satanism have worked together for a while. But what about satanism in other genres? These days, satanism has reared it’s head in almost every form of music.  Today I’d like to share the top 3 reasons why satan uses Music to influence people.

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A discussion of popular artists, Jay-Z Rihanna and Beyonce’s occult images.

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